I am running to be your Congressman from the 5th District of Missouri. It is the seat currently held by Emanuel Cleaver. My values are based on my faith and do not change. 

We believe… 

                Representatives must: 

                                Listen to all. 

                                Lead with integrity. 

                                Protect life and property. 

                                Champion opportunity. 

Leadership. Not Politics. 

I am the only candidate in this race who is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. Life begins at conception and deserves protection from the beginning.

In the past, I have been endorsed by Western Missouri Shooters Alliance though as a rule they do not endorse in contested primaries. I look forward to again earning their endorsement for the general election. Also, I have previously been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America in my run for the 5th District. My view on the 2nd Amendment has always been based on our right to keep and bear arms and my view has never changed. 

The woke left including Cleaver have come for our children and the left’s policies and rhetoric have been devastating for our families. I am committed to protecting your rights as a parent and to protecting our kids from the woke policies in our schools and from our government putting themselves between you and your children. 

Biden and Cleaver have worked together to wreck our economy. They won’t even admit how bad it has gotten for everyday Americans. It is past time to get inflation under control by stop spending the money we do not have. Cleaver and the Democrats printing more and more money out of thin air is driving the cost of gas and food up and up. The Biden/Cleaver solution is spend MORE! Time to change. 

As the conservative candidate best suited to defeat Cleaver on November 8th I need and ask for your help. Please share this message whether on fb, text, email (or all three!) to everyone you are comfortable with doing so. With the work you and I have done in previous cycles, we are well positioned to take advantage of the Red Wave coming in the November general election. 

I ask for and would be honored to receive your vote. Please let others know I am running by sharing this message and ask them to go vote for Jacob Turk on August 2nd. Together we will move on to ride the Red Wave to victory and send the very woke Cleaver into retirement. 

(Feel free to contact me with any questions by the same method as you received this message or at 816-524-6723 or electjacobturk@gmail.com