April 1, 2023

Easter brings baskets full of jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, life-size chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs. But ponder this sugar shocking fact: Your child’s Easter basket likely contains over a month’s worth of sugar. Whoa! However, you don’t need to cut out candy completely. Decide on one or two candy favorites, but avoid buying candy to use as “filler” – that is what the colorful grass is for! Enjoying sweets in moderation is possible, but keep in mind there are plenty of simple and fun ways to reduce sugar in your basket.

What are you waiting for? Hop to it! This year try adding in some new treats and toys for egg-stra health benefits and fun. No matter your age, consider these dietitian-approved favorites to help you get creative and start thinking outside the Easter basket:

• Good Measure snack bars. These bars contain 5 or fewer grams of net carbs. Foods within this range are scientifically proven to have little impact on blood sugar.
• Catalina Crunch cereal. Made with the same delicious taste and crunch of your favorite cinnamon toast cereal you grew up with without the sugar. This cereal contains a plant-based blend of pea protein, potato fiber, corn fiber and chicory root fiber and uses the natural sweeteners allulose and stevia.
• Non-food treats. Help balance between celebrating and overindulging. Pick items that can be enjoyed well after Easter like a new coloring book, card game, bubbles or stuffed animal. Added bonus: No sore bellies after too many chocolate Easter eggs and candy! Coins and small bills make for exciting treasure as well.

These two Easter baskets are filled with better-for-you goodies that every-BUNNY will love. For more tips to keep you and your family healthy, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @HyVeeDietitians.

Dietitian-Inspired Easter Basket

All You Need:
Enjoy Life dark chocolate bar
Annie’s organic white cheddar bunnies
Fresh fruits (clementines, kiwi, apples)
Made Good chocolate drizzled granola bar OR Made Good strawberry crispy squares
Zevia Kidz fizzy apple
Fun extras:
Easter Bunny stuffed animal
Hot Wheels toy car
Coloring book

All You Need:
Zoet dark chocolate with sea salt 100-calorie bars
Boom Chicka Pop light kettle corn
Fresh fruits (clementines, kiwi, apples)
Cold brew coffee with RxSugar packets
Good Measure snack bar
Catalina Crunch cinnamon toast cereal
Fun extras:
Bath bombs
Scrunchies/hair ties
Card game
Plastic eggs filled with quarters/$1-5 bills

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