Lee’s Summit CARES Community Conversation

May 13, 2023

Lee’s Summit CARES presents their next Community Conversation about Removing the Stigma: Storytelling and Suicide Prevention led by Zero Reasons Why.

The event will be on Tuesday, May 16 from 6:30 to 7:30pm at Mid-Continent Public Library located at 1000 NE Colbern Road in Lee’s Summit.

The Zero Reason Why framework is built around the belief that storytelling has the power to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health. As a result, individuals become more inclined to seek assistance, and evidence suggests that this increased help-seeking behavior ultimately contributes to a reduction in suicide rates.

This conversation will explore how gathering, curating, and publishing mental health stores of perseverance and hope can positively impact the people they reach. Participants will learn about Zero Reasons Why’s methodology in gathering and publishing stories.

Guest speakers are Jeff Short, chief creative officer for Overflow Co. and Davis Finley, field reporter for Overflow Co.

Jeff Short specializes in creative production and direction, managing teams of cinematographers, photographers, designers and writers. He is an EMMY award-winning videographer who has led digital messaging campaigns across the U.S. and abroad, from impactful social media storytelling to full-length educational documentaries. He leads the Zero Reasons Why, a teen mental health campaign focused on reducing mental health stigma, building community support, and advocating for better access to high quality mental health education.

Davis Finley has worked as a field journalist and organizer for Zero Reasons Why campaign since January, 2021. He has a background in photography and writing and works closely with the Zero Reasons Why teen council to ensure that the campaign remains teen led and achieves its goals of removing stigma, building community support, and committing to education. Whether he is helping facilitate advocacy opportunities, organizing community events, or interviewing teens about why mental health matters to them, his goal is to center teen voices and share their stories with creativity and care.