July 29, 2023

With the grand opening of the Sobela Ocean Aquarium just over a month away, the Zoo is excited to announce that it has changed its name to the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium to reflect its newest addition opening on September 1.

A new logo has also been revealed reflecting the new name.

The new logo includes elements from both the Zoo and Aquarium as the new 650,000-gallon aquarium will increase the number of animals at the Zoo from 1,700 to nearly 10,000. The new logo retains the familiar font from the old one, a nod to the Zoo’s history, with “& Aquarium” added to it. It also includes additional animals and colors to reflect the diversity of the many species that reside here as ambassadors of their native habitats.

“With the aquarium adding so many animal residents at the Zoo, it was important for our name and logo to reflect both land and sea residents. The new brandmark does a great job of showing the diversity of species the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium will have to offer while still having a familiar look and feel to our previous logo,” said Sean Putney, executive director and CEO of the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium. “We have a wonderful history dating back to 1909 and we want to continue to build on that while we continue to make the Zoo & Aquarium even better for the Greater Kansas City community.”

When the Sobela Ocean Aquarium opens on September 1, it will be included with admission to the Zoo but will require timed reservations to facilitate as many guests as possible. Those reservations will be made available in a few weeks.