December 16, 2023

The Lee’s Summit Police Department is taking steps to address substance use disorders within the community with the Safe Passage program. The program is aimed at providing access to recovery services for individuals seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. This groundbreaking program is a significant shift in law enforcement’s approach to substance use issues and reflects the Lee’s Summit Police Department’s commitment to community well-being and a compassionate response to the challenges of substance use.

Safe Passage is a partnership between the Lee’s Summit Police Department, ReDiscover, Heartland Center for Behavioral Change and the American Addiction Center, and ensures those struggling with a drug or alcohol issue can receive immediate care and treatment.

Participation in Safe Passage is voluntary and begins when an individual enters the Lee’s Summit Police Department, calls 911 or approaches an on-duty Lee’s Summit police officer and asks for help. Officers will immediately connect individuals to treatment and recovery resources. Drugs or drug paraphernalia can be turned over to the police without fear of being arrested or criminally charged. There is no cost to the individual seeking treatment. If insurance is available, it may be utilized but no one will be denied treatment for lack of insurance.

“Drug use continues to destroy families and communities and it’s time we take an alternative approach to combat this national epidemic,” said Chief Travis Forbes. “We recognize that arresting people does not always solve a substance abuse issue for an individual. Instead, by addressing substance use and providing a pathway to recovery, we can contribute towards a healthier community.”

For information about the Safe Passage program visit or call the Lee’s Summit Police Department at (816) 969-7390.