Photos by Kim Wells Parents teach children about the death of Jesus Christ

April 13, 2024

By Marinda McKenzie-Cummings

Nearly 700 people gathered for an event commemorating Good Friday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Church St. on Friday March 29. People who attended came from many different churches and walked through rooms featuring art depicting the events of the day Jesus was crucified.

Participants were invited to place the name of someone they love who has died in a frame to show hope they will see them again because of Jesus Christ

Navigating through a series of eight stations, attendees embarked on a self-guided journey, that depicted pivotal moments leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each station offered a chance for contemplation, allowing participants to connect with the narrative on a deeper level. Children, in particular, were invited to bring Easter baskets to collect symbols of Good Friday in each room, making it a memorable experience for families.

“All the senses were engaged. It was beautiful,” said Reverend Tim Coppings of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lee’s Summit.

Attendees came from various churches across Missouri, with several traveling from neighboring states to partake in the experience. Their collective presence underscored the significance of coming together as a community to reflect on timeless truths and shared beliefs.

Among the distinguished guests were Reverend Coppings, Reverend Eric Williams of Calvary Baptist Church in Kansas City, and Pastor Dennis Lester of Bethel Family Worship Center in Kansas City, accompanied by their loved ones. Their presence underscored the spirit of unity and collaboration that characterized the event.

Organizers would like to repeat this event every year at Easter time.

Heather Wimmer, Director of Communications with the Church, said, “Our vision was to make this truly an interdenominational event where anyone who celebrates Easter could come and reflect in a reverent way about the end of Jesus’ mortal life. We made a special effort to make it accessible to children and loved seeing parents teaching children about the true meaning of Easter at the Walk With Jesus.”