June 1, 2024

The City of Lee’s Summit will receive funding earmarked for the development of a new Public Safety Operations Center located in downtown. The $1.5 million investment underscores the state’s commitment to enhancing safety and emergency responsiveness in one of its fastest-growing cities.

The new Public Safety Operations Center, to be located strategically within Lee’s Summit, will serve as a vital hub for coordinating emergency services across the city. It will house advanced communication and response technologies that will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of first responders.

Representative Jon Patterson

“Securing state funding for this crucial infrastructure project is a result of our city’s strong advocacy efforts at the capitol and our commitment to ensuring the safety of all our residents,” said House majority leader Jon Patterson, (R – Lee’s Summit). “This center will be a key piece of our community’s emergency response capabilities and reflects our proactive approach to public safety.”

The funding, approved by the state legislature in the latest budget, will cover a substantial portion of the project’s total cost, allowing the city to proceed while decreasing the burden on local taxpayers.

Work on the new Public Safety Operations Center will begin in November, with construction expected to be completed prior to the World Cup in 2026. The state-of-the-art facility will help with emergency services, which are expected to increase with the thousands of visitors planning to visit for the event.

“I extend my gratitude to our state legislators and local advocates for securing funding for our new Joint Operations facility,” said Lee’s Summit mayor Bill Baird in a statement. “The Joint Operations Center will enhance both the city’s emergency response capabilities and day-to-day operations across departments.”