June 29, 2024

Join in congratulating Team Cocktail on their ribbon cutting. Located 8 SW 3rd St., Lee’s Summit, MO they always referred to their travel group as “Team Cocktail.” When asked, “What’s Team Cocktail?” they would respond, “We’re a group of friends who like to have fun and travel together.” This was often followed by, “How do I join the Team?” From there, they decided to start the company, Team Cocktail. They had an epiphany a few martinis in as they sailed away from Barbados: Life is best enjoyed in a t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops, surrounded by favorite people, with a drink in hand. This led to the idea of making high-quality, comfortable, and fun t-shirts that represent the “Team Cocktail” lifestyle. They began creating high-quality blended t-shirts with fun and witty designs inspired by their experiences, as well as hats, sweatshirts, boozies, and other fun accessories.

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