June 29, 2024

By Jobe Edwards
Missouri Department of Conservation Conservation Agent – Jackson County

Anyone who has spent some time walking along the banks of ponds or other bodies of water has heard or seen Bullfrogs or Green Frogs. As kids, some of us may have even tried to go out and catch them with our hands. Well, did you know that there is a season that allows you to catch and keep these frogs to eat?

Going out and catching frogs, also known as frogging, is a pretty big deal to some residents of Missouri. The season to legally harvest Bullfrogs and Green Frogs starts at sunset on June 30th and goes until October 31st. Most commonly, frogging consists of people going out at night with a light and scanning the banks of ponds, creeks, and anywhere else you may find frogs. When you spot a frog, there are a handful of methods you can use to catch them. You can use a gig, which is a long stick with a barbed fork-like piece on the end, a net, or your hands. Using any of these methods does require you to possess a valid Missouri fishing license, though. Other methods that you could use to harvest Bullfrogs and Green Frogs are using a .22 caliber or smaller rimfire firearm, a BB gun, and a pellet gun. Just make sure you possess a valid Missouri Small Game Hunting Permit.

The daily limit of Bullfrogs and Green Frogs is eight combined between the two species and a possession limit of 16 frogs combined. Per the Missouri Wildlife Code, all stored wildlife must be labeled with the taker’s Conservation ID or your name, date harvested, and address. If you choose to give away wildlife, it will still count towards your possession and daily limit.

To learn more about frogging, you can go to mdc.mo.gov or contact your local Conservation Agent in your county.

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