Tribune Photo/Joey Hedges
Front Row: Ashley Welch, Jenny Johnson, April Paul, Christen Pruett, Kristin Shockey, Regan Russell, Kristin Shrout, Aubrey Shortino, Denise Morris. 2nd Row (Bending Forward): Angie DeMoss, Margaret Pilachowski, Annie Nierman, Kristen Shackelford, Francie Martin, Lindsey de los Santos, Alex Welch, Kelly Merit, Karen Reynolds, Brea Wadel, Andreea Oprea, Kayla Taylor. Standing 3rd Row: Kay Rader, Jenny Freeborn, Lindsey Parker, Ken Hesse, Greg Johnson, Erica Hough, Jenna Cook, Jodi Mahurin, Jon Hochsprung, Krista Hall, Adrianne Scott, Gerald Groom. Standing 4th Row (left side): Robin Smith, Corrine Drummond, Kathy Betz, Darcy Lueck, Andrew Hookie. Far left back: John Jacobi, Julie Harris, Rudy Rhodes

Friday afternoon on August 10, 2018 teachers and staff from Sunset Valley Elementary climbed aboard Lee’s Summit R-7 school buses armed with popsicles to ride the routes of their students.
Students and families were encouraged to come and greet the riders by way of this tweet on the school’s Twitter account.

“Hey SVE families!! Guess what?! Your teachers & staff are hopping on buses tomorrow (Friday) & stopping at as many bus stops as we can LOADED with POPSICLES to come see YOU!! We will be in neighborhoods between 2:30-3:30pm so come out, get a popsicle, and say hi because we’ve missed you!! #SVpower.”