Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker released today the following statement after a Jackson County judge late Friday ruled in a civil action involving the Jackson County Legislature and the Jackson County Executive regarding oversight of COMBAT.

From Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker:

I am pleased with the Court’s ruling, placing COMBAT back under the Jackson County Prosecutor. I will begin immediately to undertake the work necessary to restore trust in this important tax.

A lack of certainty in recent months has been difficult for COMBAT administration, grantees and the public. But we welcome this ruling and anticipate more productive times ahead in achieving a crucial COMBAT mission, — building a safer Jackson County for every resident.I will oversee this program in a straightforward and transparent manner. My office has already undertaken the process of retaining a thorough financial audit of COMBAT funds and I have also requested a performance audit by the State Auditor of Missouri. She has agreed to make such an audit a priority.

Finally, I will initiate immediately the process to begin a search for a new Executive Director. The position has been vacant for more than a year. We will soon announce a selection committee to review and interview candidates, the first step in this process.

Ruling document