ProfessionalChats, a leading web chat provider for businesses across a range of industries, announced today that it is expanding its Kansas City headquarters, adding 10,000 square feet of work space to its existing 7,500-square foot facility to accommodate the company’s rapidly growing team of chat specialists and support staff.

Scott Hansen and Trevor Flannigan

The expansion is the result of a remarkable monthly growth rate of 15 percent.

“There’s just more and more demand for informed, responsive and empathetic chat service,” said Scott Hansen, CEO for ProfessionalChats. “What we offer is a win for everybody. Our specialists provide the convenient online interactions and knowledgeable responses that the public expects, and our client companies experience real value from our service because they can capture more online leads and generate referrals from satisfied customers, which leads to increased revenue.”

ProfessionalChats provides live website chat service for a range of professionals and institutions. The company’s specialists are provided with industry-specific training and certified in spelling and grammar in order to enhance customer satisfaction, which in turn creates value for clients in the form of increased sales and overall efficiency.

“The intense industry-focused training we provide is powering our sustained growth,” said Trevor Flannigan, COO of ProfessionalChats. “With our specialists, online engagements are polite, efficient, and productive, and that’s what our clients and their customers alike want from a chat provider.”

ProfessionalChats has managed more than half a million individual chat sessions since launching in 2016 and now serves more than 1,200 clients.

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