Jackson County Sheriff’s Office statement on state audi

This morning, Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released a statement regarding law enforcement not locating more than 1200 registered sex offenders. Jackson County, MO has a total of 2230 sex offenders. 460 are non-complaint.

Jackson County Sheriff Office

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to ensuring that sex offenders are in compliance with the law.

“Over the past five months, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has been active in monitoring and investigating sex offender registrations and violations, “said Sheriff Darryl Forte. “I was appalled at the lack of urgency the Sheriff’s Office had taken regarding sex offender registration. We will continue to allocate resources to keep our community safe. I assure the community that we will continue to aggressively enforce the protection of the vulnerable and the innocent from predators.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Enforcement (S.O.R.E.) Unit has conducted the following initiatives over the past five months to increase effectiveness:


•Expanded the Sex Offender Registration Enforcement Unit by adding another full time detective, for a total of (3).
•Eliminated two part time positions to create one full time administrative position in the SORE Unit.
•Conducted three residency compliance checks around Jackson County.
•Enlarged the office of the SORE Unit to provide more office space.
• Using social media to ask the public for assistance in locating non-complaint sex offenders.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will continue to allocate the necessary resources to ensure that we are tracking sex offenders and protecting those who have been victimized.

Raashid Brown
Public Information Officer
Community Resource Unit