By Fred Liggett

The time has come for NFL fans in Los Angeles and Kansas City to get busy posting, commenting, liking and sharing thoughts on the action found on the field of Monday night’s showdown between the LA Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs. Plenty has already been said about this big prime time match up leading up to the day of the game.

The reasons for so much attention given to the Chiefs/Rams game have changed as time goes by providing even more reasons for fans to post comments. The posting bonanza started back in April when the NFL schedule was revealed showing the Chiefs set to play the Rams on a Monday night in Mexico. This meant the Chiefs would go up against recently traded CB Marcus Peters who the team sent to LA during the off season. Chiefs fans were split at the time of the trade about if the team got enough for Peters or if the team should have traded him at all.

Then the 2018 season kicked off and the reasons for posting comments about this game increased each week. The Rams were the last team to lose a game in the NFC while the Chiefs did the same in the AFC. After both teams rolled to 4-0 starts now they share the same records of 9-1 heading into this prime time showdown. In addition to sharing the best records in their respective conferences the two teams have similar statistics as well. Rams standout WR Robert Woods is only 34 yards behind the Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill in receiving. Rams QB Jared Goff is only 16 yards passing behind the Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs rushing leader Kareem Hunt is just ahead of the Rams rushing leader Todd Gurley heading into week 11 of the season.

If this wasn’t enough to raise the profile of the game this past week’s news that the site of the game would be moved from Mexico City to the home of the Rams meant even more reasons for posting comments about the Chiefs/Rams game. Debate raged on if the NFL did what was best for the players and why the field conditions in Mexico were so bad a week before this high profile match up.

Anyone looking at the teams’ records and stats can see how close these two teams are on many levels. The Chiefs are on a six game winning streak in games against the Rams with those wins coming when the franchise was based in St. Louis. The Rams enjoy a 4-1 record against the Chiefs when they are based in LA. When this much talked about game is over the comments posted will be about an entertaining game and a close Rams win.

That’s What I REID Into It for this week.

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