In the Fall of 2017, Raytown was going through a large funding crisis that led to the reduction of the police department budget by nearly $3 million. The police chief and the Board of Aldermen were at a budgetary stalemate. Knowing there were limited funds and not seeing a good solution being bought forth, Tony Jacob set out to see if he could help. As he dug though the city finances, he found wide spread mismanagement and inefficiencies which he brought to the attention of the BOA.

Neither side was willing to budge and there were limited funds to keep a balanced budget. Tony was invited to meet with a few aldermen to discuss which line items should be removed or reduced to soften the blow. Over $100,000 of general fund revenue was transferred to bolster the Police budget. Wanting more, Tony gathered a small but passionate group of residents to protest and picket city hall before the meetings. Unfortunately, the morale damage had already been done. More officers left than anticipated, and a year later we still haven’t recovered.

Raytown has a known history of cronyism which has contributed to massive budgetary overruns and ineffectual leadership. Just in the past two years the city has lost seven highly qualified department heads and administrators. Many vacancies remain causing a reduction of city services and depleted staff morale.

In August, Tony began going door to door to educate neighbors about tax initiatives on the ballot that would triple property taxes placing a burden on residents yet not resolving the city’s financial woes. He later began a petition drive collecting signatures for a state performance audit.

Armed with an in depth knowledge of city operations and a long list of solid solutions, Tony wants to serve the citizens of Raytown as their mayor.

“I believe WE deserve better. I believe hard work and service starts from the top. I believe in leading from the front lines. I’ve lived a life of service and desire to continue that service while improving Raytown.”

Submitted by Tony Jacobs