Jan. 12, 2019 per LSsnow.net 
City crews have completed plowing and treating primary streets, and are currently plowing and treating secondary streets and some residential streets.

By early Sunday morning, all crews should be in residential streets. However, if additional accumulating snow or ice occurs overnight into Sunday, timeframes may be adjusted. With at least eight inches of snow in the area, it may take crews up to 40 hours after accumulating snow has ended to plow and treat the more than 1,000 lane miles in the city.

Please keep these important tips in mind:

-Remove vehicles, basketball goals, and trash cans from streets to prevent delays and to improve the snow control process.
-Clear snow from around fire hydrants so they can be easily located during emergencies.
-Do not make snow tunnels on or near the streets and driveways. Snow plows and other drivers may not see these and could accidentally injure someone playing inside of them.