Lee’s Summit R-7 is pleased to celebrate earning a 99.3% on the 2018 Annual Performance Report (APR) issued by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The district earned 119.2/120 points on the report. This is the highest score in the six years of the DESE MSIP 5 Cycle.

The following data outlines LS R-7 percentage of points earned on APRs from 2013 through 2018. Again, the 2018 score is the highest in the 6 years.

Year Total Points Percent of Points
2013 134.5/140 96.1%
2014 129.5/140 92.5%
2015 135.5/140 96.8%
2016 137.0/140 97.9%
2017 137.5/140 97.9%
2018 119.2/120 99.3%

Typically APRs are based on 140 point totals, but because science testing was a field test in 2018, no points are available for science (typically 20 points), making the total points possible 120 in 2018.

The 2018 summary breakdown of APR is as follows:

There are many celebrations to be found within LS R-7’s 2018 APR:

Standards 3-5 – College and Career Ready, Attendance and Graduation Rate – each earned 100% of the points.

Standard 1 – Academic Achievement (measuring MAP/EOC performance of all students) – earned 100% of the points.

In subgroup math performance (a subcomponent of Standard 2), LS R-7 earned all 4 points available, up from having earned only 3 of the 4 points in 2017.

Subgroup ELA performance is up by a point from 2017 to 2018.

Subgroup performance improved from 82.1% in 2017 to 92.0% in 2018.

As Subgroup performance improved in 2018, no other category lost points.

“Students and staff have done phenomenal work reviewing and implementing systems and programs that have assisted with increased performance. We are so proud of our community. We have much to celebrate; including growth in the Subgroup Achievement category, improving from an 82.1% to a 92% without losing any points in other categories. As we further commit to district-wide improvement and providing future-ready learning experiences for all of our students, we can expect 100% on subsequent APR reports and higher levels of overall college/career readiness,” said Dr. Dennis Carpenter, Superintendent.