September 12, 1922 — October 14, 2019

Timothy Chung

Timothy Chung, 97, passed away October 14, 2019.

Timothy survived 21 torturous years in a Chinese labor camp for refusing to deny his faith in Jesus Christ.

After his release in 1979, although under strict surveillance, he was distressed over a lack of bibles available to the Chinese people. Undeterred by the consequences, he smuggled bibles to many provinces before being shut down by the government in the midst of constant questioning.

At home, Timothy felt he was a burden to his wife and family since employment was forbidden. Under intense opposition, after applying for political asylum for six years, he miraculously received an exit visa to the United States where he proudly established his citizenship in 1992.

Used to hard work, he was hired as a custodian at Kansas City Fellowship for 13 years before his retirement from the group now known as the International House of Prayer Kansas City where he faithfully attended prayer meetings all his years.

One of Timothy’s life goals was to be a testimony to the next generation that they may be raised up to withstand life’s hardships. How? Through staying close to the heart of Jesus, enduring to the end in order to be saved.

Eventually, Timothy Chung’s family all migrated to America to become citizens. His wife, Jane, preceded him to heaven in 2002. He leaves his four sons and their families, oldest to youngest:
An Lin (Andrew) Zhong + Ping Li
James Chung + Nancy Xu
An Min Zhong + Qi Qin Jiang
An Kang Zhong + Wen Ying Ni
6 Grandchildren
12 Great grandchildren

Celebration Service:
Forerunner Church
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 11:00 AM
12444 Grandview Road, Grandview, MO
Private graveside service at Mount Moriah Cemetery

Arr: Park Lawn Funerals, , 816-523-1234