March 26, 2022

By Fred Liggett

2022 will see changes to a popular corner in the historic Downtown Lee’s Summit business district. For the last twelve years the Stanley Event Space has operated at the corner of Third and Douglas Street. Bryan King and his family took over the venue in February of 2010 and began booking events later that year. The family sold the building this month to the owners of a familiar name in the downtown area as Libations & Company will soon move to the spot at 25 SE Third Street.

The move for Libations & Company won’t be far as they have operated for the past five years next door to the Stanley at 23 SE Third Street. Seth Allen, owner of Libations & Company, a familiar face in the Downtown business community, has added two new partners for this new venture. Ryan Studer and Michael Pfaff have joined Allen to help out with what will be a larger venue with expanded hours.

The biggest question many followers may have is why the move? Seth Allen states the main reason is “to expand into a larger space.” Allen adds, “always wanted to offer customers more and high quality live jazz.” Future goals include creating an experience through expanded hours and light food options including charcuterie.

Allen and his new business partners have plans to open up in the new space in the first week of May. Before then work needing to be done include installing a new bar. The bar will be something customers will want to check out. A custom made bar will be used at the new venue that has been fully restored. The 24 foot long bar has been around since 1905 and was most recently used at a Rockford, Illinois hotel.

Part of the changes being made include digging down into the concrete floor. Owners state the reason for it “had to be removed to install utilities for the bar.” Excavations in the dirt have revealed remnants of an 1880’s blacksmith shop. Workers have seen tools, buggy parts and horse shoes. The new owners plan on keeping some of these historical finds to put them on display at the bar.

Another upgrade for the new venue will be in staffing where three new staff members are on board. Allen expects staffing to continue to grow after the business opens. Ownership is looking forward to putting a second floor at the new space to good use. Plans are to create more opportunities for events and expand their offering of mixology classes.

The new owners of the space embrace the history and value of the event space. For example the site was once occupied in 1909 by Todd George. The owners are only moving one spot to the east but look to open up a larger Libations & Company that will become a destination spot in Downtown Lee’s Summit for years to come.