Cohesive Narration

May 28, 2022

This month, the City of Raytown received two additional public sculptures as a recipient of the 2022 Creative Communities Alliance’s (CCA) Sculptures on the Move program.

Last year, Raytown joined the growing list of more than 20 Missouri cities currently participating in this program designed to grow art appreciation across the region. “Moonscape” is currently on display at the pocket park until 2023.

“Cohesive Narration” is on display in front of City Hall until 2024. The metal sculpture stands eight feet tall. The ribbons shimmer as the light cascades down the stainless steel.


The second sculpture, “Muse-IC” was installed Thursday, May 19 at Colman Park. This interactive bronze sculpture by artists Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby stands nine feet tall and is valued at $25,000.