August 28, 1959 ~ July 5, 2022

Our dearest Bobby, was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 28, 1959. He passed in the comforts of his home on July 5, 2022.  Praise God he was saved. He was born to the loving parents of Clarence Johnson and Hazel Johnson. He is survived by his wife Taina Johnson; his four siblings, Sheryl Roulette, Ronald Johnson, Carla Johnson, and Brian Johnson; nephews and nieces Anthony Roulette, Tyler Roulette, Terrence Haynes Jr., Chynna Robinson, Natividad Montano, Bianca Montano, and Sydney Watkins; brother-in-law and sister-in-law Antonio Watkins/Mechelle Watkins, and Fabio Montano, Thea Montano and Amecco Watkins and pup pup Toby Johnson.

Bobby completed his formative years at Milton Moore elementary school and graduated from Central high school in 1977. In 1982, he graduated from Rockhurst college with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, followed by a long-standing career as an Asset Manager in Portfolio Management with GSA federal government. Bobby took great pride in his profession and made many lasting friendships. Over the years, I had the pleasure of meeting some of his fellow coworkers. They showed great respect and admiration for him, which only reaffirmed my reasons for falling in love with Bobby. In 2014, he retired from GSA after 30 years of service. 

Bobby enjoyed retirement like a bee likes honey. He was very much a home body and would often say he was content just sitting in his recliner and watching television during the day. He had two good buddies (the tv remote control upstairs and the tv remote control downstairs). As he relaxed in his recliner, one of his favorite pastimes was watching western movies.  One movie among the list of his favorite westerns was “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”. Over the years, I have lost count of how many times I would hear the same theme song over and over for that movie. Bobby would chuckle in his recliner, as I sighed listening to the theme song. He not only enjoyed westerns, but also enjoyed sports (football, basketball, golf, tennis). Part of his daily morning routine was watching the talk show “Undisputed” with Skip and Shannon. In his own clever way, I believe he was gently grooming me to become a little league sports fan. Over the years, Bobby and I enjoyed many theatrical performances at the Starlight Theater and The Kauffman Center. We would go rain or shine. He too was an artist, he occasionally dabbled in writing poems for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.  Let me not forget to also mention he was a connoisseur of sweet desserts.

Our Bobby had a well-defined statute like appearance, people would often ask me if he was in the military. Although, he was not in the military, he definitely shared the characteristics of someone who was. He loved, honored, respected, and had made an oath to protect me and his family. Bobby checked up on his parents often. He was a true son.  He faithfully visited his parents on the weekends, enjoying good conversations and meals made with tender love and care. Not only was he a one-of-a-kind son and brother, he was a wonderful husband.  He was a man made for marriage. He was a devoted husband. Always at my side. Always providing wisdom, encouragement, security, and affection. Bobby was solid, consistent, focused, reliable, appropriately humorous, serious, and kind. For those who knew him, they know that he would always take time to warm up to those he did not know. 

He was far from being pretentious, he was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life. He was grounded and one of the greatest blessings of our lives. He’s the love of our lives. He will be missed, never forgotten and always treasured. 

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