I wanted you to know why I will be voting for you and encouraging others to do the same. I remember the day I met while you were running for your first term as a legislature. I distinctly remember telling you, that you probably weren’t qualified. I so with I could take those words back.

I’ve watched you care for your district. You have literally nurtured many businesses and nonprofits, like mine. Every time I faced something I felt was insurmountable you were there to encourage or push the best out of me. Thank you.

You are without a doubt the first politician I’ve ever met that looked at all sides before jumping on the band wagon. I have listened to you talk about how money in the county was spent and heard the arguments about waste. I have never seen you out gladhanding for yourself – but you campaign heartily for what you believe in, and you believe in Jackson County.

Thank you for encouraging me to test my wings and strive to do more for my clients.

Thank you, my friend,
Roberta McArthur
One Good Meal