February 11, 2023

By Fred Liggett

On Sunday, Jan. 29 the Kansas City Chiefs played the Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC championship game. When the Chiefs kicked off at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium the hope by all Chiefs fans was a win and the return of the Lamar Hunt Trophy to the Chiefs franchise.

With 73,426 fans in attendance the Chiefs looked to take back what the Bengals claimed in the previous AFC title game by a three point margin. Taking up two seats at the game was Pat Hagerty of Lee’s Summit and his dad. The pair of seats have been in the Hagerty family since the stadium opened in 1972 and the two gentleman were ready for a memorable experience on this Sunday evening. To help the Chiefs win Hagerty says he “wore the same thing as I did week before against Jacksonville.”

When the game ended with this time a three point win by the Chiefs Hagerty found it to be “awesome as ever.” On the way out of the stadium Hagerty enjoyed how “everyone was hi-fiving each other.” Following the game Hagerty went to Downtown Lee’s Summit to “celebrate with everyone.”

This championship experience was a daylong event for Chuck Harrington of Lee’s Summit. Chuck arrived at the stadium at 9 a.m. and eventually would tailgate with 50 to 60 people in his group. Chuck admits some “friends came from out of town” and helped contribute to “a cool vibe.” An hour before the game kicked off Chuck and his friends entered the stadium and noticed many “people were already in their seats.” The game day atmosphere Chuck says “was electric out there.” Even though this was the fifth straight AFC title game played in Kansas City Chuck states, “This one feels different than other years.” Following the Chiefs win cars honked as they went by Chuck’s tailgate area.

Whether with a large group of friends or simply going with your dad Chiefs fans of all ages enjoyed their championship experience this year.