WASHINGTON – Following severe weather and tornados that hit Southeast Missouri last night, Senator Eric Schmitt released the following statement:

“Truly tragic news this morning, as there have been multiple fatalities and numerous injuries resulting from the storms and tornados that ripped through parts of Southeast Missouri, particularly Glenallen and other parts of Bollinger County. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the deceased. My team has already been in touch with the White House and local leaders and stands ready, willing, and able to assist wherever possible. As there’s more severe weather on the horizon, I urge Missourians to continue to be weather aware and pay attention to alerts and news from state agencies and local news,” said Senator Eric Schmitt

Some tips for Missourians in affected areas:

  • Assume all downed wires are live. Avoid downed wires or any objects that are in contact with them;
  • Call and notify the utility company or 911 of a downed power line immediately;
  • Many injuries can occur in the aftermath of a storm as people come in contact with debris and other hazards. Wear sturdy, hard-soled shoes or boots, long sleeves and gloves when handling or walking near debris to prevent injuries from hazards such as nails and broken glass;
  • Use battery operated light sources (flashlights, lanterns, etc.) if you lose electricity, not candles;
  • Never use generators in your home or garage, only outdoors where there is no danger of fumes entering your home;
  • Help injured or trapped people wherever possible without endangering your own life;
  • Give first aid when appropriate;
  • Don’t try to move seriously injured people unless further danger is imminent;
  • Turn on the radio or television for the latest emergency information;
  • Use the telephone only for emergencies;
  • Clean up spilled medicines, bleach, and flammable liquids immediately;
  • Leave the area if gas or burning fumes are present;
  • Stay out of damaged buildings;
  • Take pictures of the both the house and contents for insurance purposes.