April 22, 2023

To help promote the great events happening in the Raytown area, the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Board of Directors approved for the Chamber to join Visit KC. Tourism became an important part of the Chamber in 2021 with the addition of the Rock Island Trail being built directly in front of the Chamber office. Not only does our area have many tourist attractions, there area has some wonderful events. Since then, the Tourism Committee has established a website (www.VisitRaytown.com), adopted a logo, starting using a hashtag (#VisitRaytown) and is currently working on a tourism marketing card campaign to be unveiled sometime in the next few months. See two great quotes below:

Jeff Hirst (Madden Media) stated: “As the Tourism Committee Chair, I am thrilled to announce our organization’s partnership with Visit KC! This relationship will help create and publicize unforgettable experiences for all those who are visiting the Raytown area. Let’s showcase the best of what we have to offer and welcome our guests with open arms!”

“Home to some of the region’s premier spaces for outdoor recreation, as well as favorite local businesses and historical sites, Raytown is an important asset to Kansas City as a destination,” said Jenny Wilson, Vice President of Partnerships & Events at Visit KC. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and share the Raytown community’s stories.”

If your business or organization is not a member of the Raytown Chamber and is interested in joining, do not hesitate to reach out to the, at 816-353-8500 or email President, Vicki Turnbow at president@raytownchamber.com.