August 26, 2023

As of September 1st, Lee’s Summit Social Services will have a new director, and one we look forward to doing great things for our community.

I have been grateful to serve Lee’s Summit Social Services and this community for more than a decade. I have loved serving this amazing community with the help of the most amazing business owners, faith leaders, volunteers, and all the other philanthropists this community has ever known.

Lee’s Summit Social Services is incredibly strong and a leader not only this community, but a model which has been sought out by others. This never would have happened if our community had not been involved every step of the way.

I appreciate our strong board leadership, our amazing staff and our incredible volunteers for making the service to others possible.

I appreciate you all and I encourage everyone to please stay involved and support the organizations which will always care for what we all hold so dearly. Whether it be Rotary, LS Chamber, Downtown Lee’s Summit, Kiwanis, Lions Club, or any other amazing nonprofit, everyone benefits when we have a vested community.

Thank you to my very special friends at Coldwater, Meals On Wheels, One Good Meal, and Hillcrest Transitional Housing, as you all have been part of an amazing ride and you all have hearts of gold.

With gratitude,
Matt Sanning