(Kansas City, MO) – Jackson County Legislature passed Ordinance # 5787, enacting a property tax credit to eligible taxpayers within Jackson County, MO, in accordance with the Revised Statutes of Missouri 137.1050 (SB190) for tax year 2024 and beyond. SB190 was signed into law on August 28th, 2023, allowing any county authorized to impose a property tax to grant a property tax credit to eligible taxpayers. The passage of the Ordinance was determined by an 8-1 vote, with the majority of the Legislature voting in favor.

“I am proud to be the lead sponsor of this legislation that will protect seniors in Jackson County. The passage of this ordinance reflects the commitment we have for our constituents throughout the county and our dedication to support and push forward legislation that protects and positively impacts the livelihoods and the day to day life of those in Jackson County,” said Chairman DaRon McGee.

“SB190 is flawed legislation passed with no regard for how counties would implement it. However, I am proud this Legislature was able to craft Ordinance #5787, although imperfect, to ensure property tax relief for our county’s most vulnerable homeowners,”said Vice Chair Megan Marshall.

“I promised fair and predictable taxation and through this process, I have fought for just that. Today, we have provided relief to seniors who need it most and I will continue to advocate for greater localized control of taxation by the legislature to provide faster solutions when the administration is unwilling to help,” said Budget Chair Manny Abarca. 

Implementation procedures and processes will be addressed in the coming months to ensure a full and comprehensive execution plan.

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