Tribune Photos/Charlie Mizell From left to right John Jameson,Chris Redline, Capt Steven V. Wilhoit, Colonel Eric T. Olsen, Representative Kemp Strickler, Mayor Pro Temp J. Beto Lopez, Doug Richey

December 2, 2023

The Missouri State Highway Patrol held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new Troop A Headquarters this week. The ceremony took place at the construction site at MoDOT District 4 Headquarters 600 NE Colbern Road in Lee’s Summit. Representative Doug Richey, Representative Kemp Strickler, Lee’s Summit Mayor Pro Tem Beto Lopez, and Colonel Eric Olson spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The relocation and construction of Troop A Headquarters will address two issues that are faced at the current location. The first issue is limited space. The current Troop A Headquarters was constructed in 1968 and falls well short of the minimum space requirement to perform tasks in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The addition of new programs and responsibilities has further emphasized the issue. The new Troop A Headquarters will provide approximately 8,000 more square feet of building space to help provide adequate working space for Patrol employees. The second issue faced at the current location is traffic congestion. Not only is it difficult to access Troop A, but other businesses as well as Lee’s Summit High School suffer from the congestion. The relocation of Troop A will allow for the construction of a new interchange at Hwy. 50 and Hwy. 291.

The new Troop A Headquarters will be co-located with MoDOT at Hwy. 291 and Colbern Road. This was the original intention when MoDOT built their district office at this location in the late 1990s.

The Missouri Legislature appropriated funds for the project in the FY 2024 budget. The headquarters will be constructed on property already owned by the state.