December 11, 2023

By  Ashley Al-Shawish

Esteemed Jackson County Legislator Sean Smith has officially announced his candidacy for the United States Congress in the Missouri Congressional 5th District, currently held by Emanuel Cleaver.  With a proven track record of leadership, commitment to community, and a passion for positive change, Smith is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the nation’s capital and ask for your vote November 2024.

In his work on the 911 Oversight Committee for the Jackson County Legislature, Smith has worked with local police and fire precincts to address infrastructure and communication needs, finding solutions for dispatching challenges. As the son of a career firefighter, Smith has taken his role seriously and acknowledges the unique needs of emergency responders. “I am passionate about providing law enforcement officers and first responders with the resources they need and it is vital that they are equipped with adequate technology,” he states. 

As a businessman and past consultant, Sean Smith seeks to address tax burdens and regulatory policies that can hinder entrepreneurs and cripple household budgets. The pillar of financial responsibility lays the foundation for his approach in business as well as in his role as a public servant. 

Smith has garnered broad popularity throughout all of Jackson County for his tireless work and advocacy for reforms and helping individuals in this year’s problematic tax assessment. Frustrated by the lack of authority and bureaucratic roadblocks at the county level, Smith says the people deserve a choice in the matter. 

“The people of Missouri deserve leaders who will manage their tax dollars as they would their own wallets.  I am excited to demonstrate fiscal responsibility within my own campaign finances, keeping future campaign contributions transparent,” said Sean Smith.  Smith self-funded both of his past campaigns and he will bring principled leadership and positive change to the United States Congress.

Smith believes that elected officials must ensure all perspectives are heard and considered.  Smith said, “By working with diverse perspectives, we are most likely to find solutions rather than escalating division.”  Representing those who elect him and all constituents is Smith’s key objective.

Sean Smith is a Lee’s Summit resident whose three children graduated from Lees Summit schools.  Working in information technology, he strives to find innovative solutions for everyday obstacles. You can learn more about him as a candidate and follow his campaign at