July 6, 2024

Don’t let “limited road access” signage keep you from an amazing garden produce market experience!

Just a half mile west of the intersection of Colbern Road and Douglas/Lee’s Summit Road, The Gardens at Unity Village Produce Market offers a unique and charming Saturday morning market. In just a few moments after easily driving past the aforementioned intersection, the three-story white historic barn comes into view, where the deep greens and brilliant shades of reds, oranges, and yellows of the Produce Market await.

The adjoining gardens are harvested each week to have fresh-picked vegetables ready for the 8 a.m. Saturday Market opening. At this time of year, the gardens are bountiful with greens like Salanova lettuce and arugula, as well as beets, radishes, and cucumbers. Warm-season crops like tomatoes, lunchbox peppers, okra, and eggplant will be ready for harvest soon. In the interim, the Gardens acquire flavorful “Red Deuce” tomatoes from a nearby Amish community, as well as other sourced vegetable and fruit fill-ins to provide variety for market attendees.

The Gardens at Unity Village is supported by an all-volunteer team. They not only grow, maintain, and harvest the gardens and fruit grove but also warmly welcome Saturday morning market customers, assist with selections, and help carry purchases to your car.

While you’re there, pick up a few jars of their homemade jams and jellies. Elderberries from the gardens are harvested, and the signature jellies are made on-site. Every fall, apples from their small but thriving grove are used to make apple butter, slow-cooked outside in a copper kettle with warming spices. And don’t forget the eggs, both chicken and duck.

Wander through the barn, check out the aerial maps, and receive a brief history of the land where the gardens are situated. And if Dr. Mark Martin is providing the history, you can bet a little humor will be thrown in.

Check out this local hidden treasure. It’s well worth the effort to drive past the road signage.

The Produce Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon through September. Easy parking is available directly in front of the barn and market area. Note that the entrance to Colbern Road from Main Street is temporarily closed.

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